Stop and look up

What a day! I felt the tingle as the forces of the universe aligned at 11:11:11 today on 11/11/11 and granted everyone in my timezone a wish* right then.

Or maybe I didn’t. I may have been rewatching the best college story ever delivered and giggling like an idiot. (That’s a step up from the first time I heard the story, when it looked for a few moments like I might suffocate from guilty, horrified laughter.) Apparently there was also some kind of event between the moon and Jupiter last month, which I did notice at the time but didn’t know what I was noticing. Both time and the stars are pretty regular, reliable things that we attach names to and track, so I suppose it’s natural that we’re going to get excited when things line up.

Perhaps we’re really celebrating predictability, which is about the closest thing to stability we’re likely to be able to enjoy in an ever-shifting life.

Perhaps it’s another point in the constellation of celebration season, that time of year when it’s dark longer than it’s light, so we grasp at reasons to turn all the lights on and push back the dark with the sheer force of our cheerfulness.

Probably it’s really just a fun excuse to type a lot of 1s in a row.

*Since this proliferation of repeated digits coincides with Armistice Day, maybe lots of those people will/did wish for an end to war.

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