I feel fantastic

I’m late with this writeup, but the high points of the Jonathan Coulton concert on the 6th are nonetheless etched into my memory and therefore just as fresh today as they were on my walk home that night. I didn’t enjoy the venue (I’d I’d say the artists weren’t thrilled either) and everyone on stage was jetlagged into delirium, but they did a great job and pulled through like the professionals they are.

Paul and Storm hadn’t experienced Dublin before, and only a few of us in the crowd had experienced them. By my count, there were three veterans. I brought the requisite panties to throw and passed them out to willing (if confused) conspirators. Paul and Storm seemed suitably surprised, and I think next time I will go with lacy thongs rather than the safe but boring looking red and black lace printed panties. Thongs look better on stage.

JoCo was his usual fantastic self, and when Paul and Storm accompanied him they soldiered manfully through despite the lack of shakers or tambourines. (The shakers, I believe, were in their checked luggage which had been misdirected somewhere along the way.) He played the usual expected favourites, and concluded with a completely satisfactory encore. Which was followed by an unprecedented but fantastic second encore (A Talk With George). You can find the entire setlist here.

I think everyone had a good time. Coulton seems to really like Dublin, and I love it when visitors enjoy this place as much as I do. Hopefully this means they’ll be here again soon.