Sample in progress

It occurs to me that knitblogging is a great safe mode of blogging. While I could talk in detail about gossip, social circles, immigration, the job search, wacky customers, interesting students, etc, it’s a lot safer to put up pictures of knitting and sanitized accounts of knitting-related work. This may be why it’s so popular; it seems like most knitters capable of using the Web either have or have once had a blog.

This week is a quiet one, relatively speaking, and I’ve been working on a new sample for the shop: Saroyan. This is a fantastic free pattern, so good that I am taking notes and thinking about how to make my free patterns as good as this one. It’s well written and laid out, it’s clear, and it’s got loads of information with clear, useful advice. It’s also a really cute little shawlette.

It’s great as a shop sample because it shows off the yarn in both stockinette and in a cute stitch pattern that suits the yarn. It’s great as an addition to one’s wardrobe, if one prefers to stay away from accessories that are too flouncy or complicated. It’s simple, classy, and elegant in the right colour.

And the little leaves are delightful.

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  1. It’s turning out beautifully!


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